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What To Know Before You Make That Payment

Some people may choose to use an online go-between to pay their bills, like DOXO, My Check Free, and Pay Trust, which are several of many bill pay sites. With these types of businesses users can pay multiple bills from various companies.  Importantly, none of these services are affiliated with Golden WSC.  It’s not always apparent to a person using one of these sites that they are not at Golden WSC’s site. Members can be fooled by these sites, as they display photos and links to the corporation’s website (as well as many other local businesses).

In these cases, members may believe they paid their bill directly to us and are later confused because they were charged a fee (Note: Golden WSC – Does Not Charge Fees).  These types of sites can also delay payment, resulting in late fees or disconnection because we have not received payment.

We offer the convenience of paying your bills online at www.goldenwatersupplycorp.com.  By clicking the “Bill Payment” button, you will be taken to our bill payment page.  Click “Pay your bill now” to be taken to our secure payment site.  You’ll be prompted to log-in.

We welcome any members with questions about online bill pay, third party bill paying services to call our office at 903-768-2861, or to send us an email at customerservice@goldenwatersupplycorp.com.