How to Utilize our Meters

Our meters are a valuable resource for you to know how to look at as it comes to your plumbing and water bill.  All of our meters are electronic meaning they are read remotely from a computer in a vehicle.  This electronic technology gives the meter capabilities to monitor the water usage and produce alarms that allow us to notify you if you have a leak at the time or if your bill is significatly higher than normal.

Leak Alarm

If a meter registers water used for 24 consecutive hours, it throws out an alarm that we receive while reading the meters.  This alarm does not shut off till there is 3 consecutive hours of no usage.  After meters are read, we compile a list of these accounts and do our best to notify the customers.

Know which meter you have

Our system is made up using 2 brands of meters.  Both of these meters have the same capabilities.  If you do not know which is installed at your connection, call us and we can tell you.  If you click on the image below that matches your meter, it will take you to a short video of how to utilize it.


                             Master Meter                     RG3 meter