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2020 Membership Newsletter

Dear Members,

   This has been a very unusaul year.  Our Annual Membership Meeting has been scheduled twice.  And it has been cancelled twice.  From the looks of it, we will not be having one this year.  Therefore, Click Here to view the financial report for 2019.

   In the letter you should recieve by mail, we have included a ballot.  This ballot is for you, our members to approve the 2019 financial report and we ask that you return the ballot in the self-addressed stamped envelope that has been provided for your convenience.

   When we receive your ballot back in the office, we will assign it a ticket that will be entered into a drawing for the door prizes that we have collected for the Annual Meeting this year.  The drawing will be held in the office on Monday, August 31, 2020.  All prize winners will be contacted.  Please make sure that we have up-to-date contact information on your account.

   Our Board Members Election was uncontested this year.  The Board has passed a Resolution that states the Election was Uncontested, and that the two candidates who signed up to run would be placed on the board.  The two who ran were Lacy Hogue and Bruce Grabill.  Both men have served on our board previously.

   The water system is doing very well.  In the past year alone, we have added approximately 28 new meters.  We currently have two (2) developers starting homes within our service area.  During the numerous recent power outages, we have kept everyone's water service on.

   We truly regret that we did not get to visit with you this year.  We all know that our health and safety come first.  We would like to thank you for allowing us to serve you.  Should you have any concerns, please call me at the office.

Kindest Regards

Wendell Baker - General Manager