What are my payment options?

The only payments accepted at our office are by cash, check, or money order.
We do not take credit/debit card payments anymore at the office, instead we offer online payment through this website or by phone 24 hours a day at 1-844-862-3146.
You will need to know your account number and how much your bill is in order to pay with credit/debit card.
All payments made after 5:00 pm are received as next business day.
Make a payment at any Mineola Community Bank,
Leave payment in drop box at office available 24/7,
We offer payment by bank draft,
or payment by mail  (be sure to mail it off early so we will receive it in time)

Why do I have a previous balance when I know I sent in my payment?

It may not have arrived here till after the due date or we may not have received it at all.  Call us during office hours and we will help to resolve the problem

Why is my bill so high?

There are a number of reasons that this could be.
It could be due to something being turned on and ran for an extended amount of time,
It could be from a leak.  A leaking toilet is often times overlooked while searching for a leak.  Click here to see how to find out if your toilet is leaking,  Click here to see an example of how much water a toilet can leak.
Our billing period does not go from the beginning of the month to the end of the month.  They start and stop around the 15th of each month.  This time period is on your bill.  Ex. The bill you receive in February, covers the last half of December and the first half of January.

What are some ideas on how to lower my water bill? Click here

How does my meter work?  Click here

Should I wait to call when the office is open if I have a problem?

No, we have people that answer the phone after hours and will notify the proper personnel of action needed to be taken.

I am experiencing low pressure, what do I do?

Low pressure in sinks could be from a screen needing to be cleaned out.  Low pressure throughout the house could be caused by a leak on your side of the meter.  Turn off everything then check to see if your meter is moving.  If no leak, call us so we can investigate the problem

Why is my water milky?

Milky water is due to tiny air bubbles in the water.  Notify us of the problem so we can flush our lines.

Why is my water dirty?

A disturbance on our water line can break loose iron that has built up.  The more iron broke loose, the darker red the water will be.  Notify us of the problem so we can flush our lines.

Why does my water smell bad?

In most cases, bad smelling water is going to come from a water heater that needs to be flushed.  It is good to flush your water heater annually.

Frequently Asked Questions
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